Saturday 20 July 2019
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Things to Check Before Wearing a New Suit

Things to Check Before Wearing a New Suit

You feel excited about wearing a new suit. You received it from the tailor who gave attention to the details. You also opted for a bespoke suit even if it is expensive because you want to look stunning for a special event. Before you head to the party, you need to double check the suit first, and make sure it is perfect.


When you take the new suit home, you need to check the pockets first. You might then realise that the tailor stitched them closed to ensure that the suit will sit flat when hung. The tailor wants you to see the pockets in perfect shape upon pickup. You do not necessarily need the suit pockets. Use the pockets in your trousers instead. Leave the stitching as it is to ensure that the cloth does not stretch or sag.

Extra threads

It is possible that the tailor forgot to cut additional threads from your suit due to time constraints. Make sure that you cut those extra threads as they might look distracting. However, avoid pulling the thread by force as it could rip the suit open. You need to use appropriate tools for doing it. Better yet, check the extra threads before you leave the tailor’s place so that you can have someone help you remove them.


Whether you are buying a ready-to-wear suit or a bespoke suit, you will most likely see a brand label. Some of them even stitch the brand to the suit. If visible, you need to remove it. You do not want people thinking that you stole something off a rack because you did not remove the stitching. You also need to eliminate the stitching carefully without damaging the garment. You might end up with an expensive repair fee if you do not do it properly.


You might not want to use the suit while driving to an event. You want to hang the suit to avoid creases. Choose thick wooden hangers with enough shoulder width to accommodate the entire suit and keep it crisp. The rest of the jacket will then hang freely if the base is sturdy enough.


You might feel tempted to iron your suit before heading to an event. Before you think about it, you need to understand that the tailor already did it for you. The suit is ready to use once you pick it up. The problem when you iron it at home is that you might create unnecessary creases. Besides, some materials are not suitable for ironing. They are either so thin or silky that the materials disintegrate when exposed to extreme heat. You can use a steam cleaner if you are planning to use the suit for another future event. You can also have a professional do it for you. For the first time, you can forget about any need to iron it.

Using these tips, you will look fantastic during the event, and you can say that your suit is worth the price.