Saturday 25 May 2019
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Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Flat Iron!

Ask These Questions Before Selecting A Flat Iron!

Selecting a hair straightener can be a confusing task. After all, there are endless choices and options. In this post, we have a few questions that you must ask before making a choice.

What’s the size of the plates?

Depending on the type and length of your hair, you can go for narrow or wide plates. For thin hair, anything that’s around one inch or smaller is more than enough. If you have thick and coarse hair, you need something that’s at least 2 inches wide. This will just help in smoothening and straightening more hair at a time. For thin hair, a medium sized plate is more than enough. Some straightening irons are also used as curlers, and if you don’t wish to spend on two products, these are certainly better.

Does it have enough options in settings?

Flat irons use heat to straighten your hair, and quite expectedly, this can lead to considerable damage. You need a flat iron that’s easy to use and has enough options in heat settings. As the user, you should have more control on the temperature, so as to get the desired results. If the model has a LED display, it is always an added advantage, as you can have precise control on all features.

What kind of plates does it have?

Ceramic straighteners are common and extremely affordable, but if you wish to spend more, you have to go for something that’s more effective and can retain heat for a longer time. Hard ceramic or tourmaline ones are better, but if you have extremely thick hair, go for a product that has titanium plates, which heat up evenly and very quickly to straighten hair without a lot of effort.

What are the other features?

If you need a hair straightener / flat iron for wet hair, be careful of the settings. This kind of flat iron is used extensively on towel dried hair, but that’s not a recommended choice because of the heat damage. Also, you might to check for a few extra features, such as automatic shut off, and an extended power cable, so that you can have access to most power points. Worldwide Voltage is another thing you need to check, especially if you tend to travel frequently. Quick flash heating is also a great feature, which heats up the plates quicker, so that you can work on your hair immediately.

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