Saturday 21 July 2018
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The Hottest and Most Stylish Handbag Trends of 2017 That Are Here To Stay

The Hottest and Most Stylish Handbag Trends of 2017 That Are Here To Stay

Fashion trends change every year. They affect the design and style of clothing and accessories. It is hence essential to keep abreast with the latest trends. The upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 trends are innovative and eye-catching. They are likely to make a huge impact on handbag designs. These trends can broadly be classified in the following categories:

Bag sizes

This season, both tiny Thumbelina purses and large sized Duffle bags are expected to be much in demand. The Thumbelina purses are extremely small and are commonly used for carrying coins. They are often paired with larger sized bags. They are available in a range of color options and prints.

For women who prefer more practical options, the large sized Duffle bags and the traditional Hobo bags can be the perfect choice. These bags which are available in many material, color and design options are spacious and are hence considered a practical option.

For people who prefer practical and small bags, a sideways bag, backpacks, clutches and satchel bags can prove to be a good option.

Handbag materials

Bags with metallic finishes were immensely popular in the 80’s. When combined with other types of fabrics, these bags look unique and attractive. Their distinct look is bound to make them one of the hottest trends this season.

The metallic bags in gold, blue, teal, red and magenta shades are widely available. Another material which is a preferred choice of many designers this season is snakeskin. Snakeskin bags in attractive shades of baby blue, black and gray are very popular.


This season, there are various types of eye-catching attachments available that can be used on different types of bags. These include fuzz and fur balls, tassels and many more. These attachments do not serve any practical purpose, but can effectively redefine the overall look of the handbag.

Design and style

Bags topped with drawstrings are very much in this season. These bags are spacious and can effectively carry essential items. They are available in a range of material and color choices. The traditional floral prints have also made a comeback this season. The biggest advantage of floral printed bags is that they can effectively complement any type of outfit.

Nowadays, floral printed bags with leather appliques are also much in demand. Just like the floral prints, bags with animal prints in bold and bright shades are also a preferred choice of many. 310 Rosemont has a good collection of stylish bags in different materials and colors.

Bag handles

Chain handles in gunmetal and brassy shades look chic and are much in vogue. For people who wish to stick to more traditional designs, rounded handles can be a good option.

The handbag designs of this season combine style with practicality. The bags are available in a number of bizarre shapes, bold colors and design options.