Thursday 27 April 2017
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Never Mind the Gap

On a recent trip to the mall, a young lady was overheard complimenting a friend on her thigh gap and asking for the name of the plastic surgeon who sculpted her thighs.  She said shopping triggered her body image issues and she didn’t want to stop eating again.

Shopping for clothing can set off all sorts of body image issues and hearing a woman praised for a sizeable gap in the area of her upper thighs may seem like an odd accomplishment.  But the internet is full of information about the thigh gap and its popularity.  Those who are for it say it emphasizes femininity and fitness.  Others say it’s another attempt at body shaming.   One way to avoid the hassles of encounters that make your self-confidence plummet is to shop online from the comfort of your home, or anywhere you can take a smart phone and search online.

Groupon is an excellent place to do your shopping because they offer millions of items from thousands of stores and retailers that you can peruse, cruise and choose what works best on your body type.  Kohl’s is a great example of a retailer that offers Groupons that you can use online or instore when you have the Groupon app on your smart phone or other mobile device.  Kohl’s is offering extra incentives to shop like 25% off selected merchandise, or additional savings when you sign up for special codes you apply at check out.  And many deals qualify for free shipping, which means additional savings.

When asked what they think of the elusive thigh gap, most men weren’t even aware of the trend.  Some admitted they had checked for one, and none felt it was a priority.  But for some women, the desire for a thigh gap is so strong they have sought out the services of a plastic surgeon to obtain the look.  Many experts agree that having a thigh gap is more a function of your wide-hipped anatomy than working out at the gym or having one artificially produced through liposuction or other sculpting methods.  Experts say doing so just to keep up with a trend or fad is not wise.

So don’t mind all the fuss about the gap.  Shop online for sweet deals from Kohl’s using Groupons to save time, money and your sanity.