Are You A Glow Getter?

Are You A Glow Getter?

Who out there doesn’t like the look and feel of a tan? Who doesn’t like it on a partner or someone you may be interested in? It exudes the look of health and is why so many people spend time on the beach or garden or down at a tanning bed centre. But if you are like many people, and do not have the time to lay out in the sun, or under a lamp, there’s always the increasing popularity of getting a spray tan. An adage in the tanning world says that if you can’t tone it, then tan it. Tanning your body makes things a lot more hassle free and with extra time on your hands, is a lot easier to skip the gym and still look incredible. But for those who aren’t familiar with this wonderful process, let us take a look at what this fashionable trend is all about.


What is a Spray Tan?

A spray tan is basically an artificial tan acquired with dyes which are used on the skin. There are several ways to receive a spray tan, both professionally at a salon or with a visit from an experienced and skilled beautician at the luxury of your home who will provide mobile spray tanning. There is also the option of DIY, where you can purchase the spray and apply it yourself. A spray tan is a substitute to receiving a tan through either natural sunlight, or artificial ultraviolet lights, both which have been proven to be harmful to the skin. Although some people object to obtaining a spray tan, disputing that it does not look like a real tan, it is a much safer option than laying out in ultraviolet tans, and with the correct application, it can easily look just as natural.

Down at the Salon

At the salon, the professionals will help you select a tone and application volume that suits your skin tone and generates a natural look. The treatment process in most professional salons is akin to a shower. There is a booth, resembling a shower stall, where customers stand under a nozzle that gives off a mist of tanning spray. A professional will make sure that all the correct settings are ready and tested before the customer enters, and the rest is as simple as pushing a button. Depending on one’s skin tone, the spray tan tone you want to achieve and how long you want it, you will have to make future appointments at certain intervals. The professionals at the salon will be able to help you decide just how often you should return.



You can also obtain a spray tan at home with self-tanning products purchased in stores. But be careful with these products as it can be like Russian roulette. Some may indeed work as claimed by the manufacturer, whereas others create an orange-like hue that is a tell-tale sign of a low grade spray tan. Naturally, the selection of just the right colour for your skin tone is of major importance when choosing self-tanning sprays or lotions. Most people will leave it to the qualified and experienced people in that field, which makes a lot of sense.